Lenovo 19V 3.42A 65W Adapter

Brand: Lenovo

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100% GENUINE ORIGINAL Lenovo 40Y7700 Adapter|
Lenovo Laptop/Notebook AC Adapter 40Y7700 19V 3.42A
Lenovo 40Y7700 Adapter
Color: Black
Language: 19V 3.42A
Layout: 5.5mm x 2.5mm
Power Rating : 65W
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Lenovo 40Y7700 AC Adapter Compatible Part Numbers:
Compatible Part Numbers:
0225A2040, 02K6900, 0712A1965, 11J8627, 40Y7696, 40Y7700, 40Y7704, 40Y7708, 40Y7710, 41R4322, 41R4326, 41R4327, 41R4332, 41R4336, 41R4338, 41R4515, 41R4516, 
41R4519, 41R4520, 41R4521, 41R4523, 41R4524, 41R4525, 41R4526, 42T4457, 42T4458, 42T4459, 42T4465, 45J7717, ADP-65CH A, ADP-65YB B, ADP-90RH B 0225A2040   
02K6900   0712A1965   11J8627   5.5x2.5mm   36001678   40Y7696   40Y7700   40Y7704   40Y7708   40Y7710   41R4322   41R4326   41R4327   41R4332   41R4336  
 41R4338    41R4515   41R4516   41R4519    41R4520    41R4521    41R4523    41R4524    41R4525    41R4526    42T4457    42T4458    42T4459    42T4465    45J7717   
 ADP-65CH A    ADP-65YB B    ADP-90RH B    PA-1560-52LC 40Y7700  
Fit Laptop Machine Models:
G230  G400  G410  G430  G430A  G430L  G430M  G450  G500  G510  G530  G550  IdeaPad G430  IdeaPad U110  IdeaPad U330  IdeaPad U350  IdeaPad U450  IdeaPad U550 
 IdeaPad Y300  IdeaPad Y310  IdeaPad Y330  IdeaPad Y350  IdeaPad Y410  IdeaPad Y430  IdeaPad Y450  IdeaPad Y510  IdeaPad Y530  IdeaPad Y550  IdeaPad Y650  IdeaPad Y710  
IdeaPad Y730  IdeaPad Y730A  N500  U450P 
3000 Y500-7761 3000 Y510 AC Power  Supply Cord/Charger Fit Models
IBM ThinkPad i1400 Series
IBM ThinkPad i1400, IBM ThinkPad i1410, IBM ThinkPad i1411, IBM ThinkPad i1412, IBM ThinkPad i1436, IBM ThinkPad i1450, IBM ThinkPad i1451, IBM ThinkPad i1452, 
IBM ThinkPad i1472
IBM ThinkPad i1500 Series
IBM ThinkPad i1500, IBM ThinkPad i1512, IBM ThinkPad i1522, IBM ThinkPad i1552
IBM ThinkPad i1700 Series
IBM ThinkPad i1700, IBM ThinkPad i1720
IBM ThinkPad i2600 Series
IBM ThinkPad i2611
IBM ThinkPad T22 Series
IBM Thinkpad T22 2647
3000 G230 Series
3000 G230,  3000 G230-4107,  3000 G230G
3000 G400 Series
3000 G400
3000 G410 Series
3000 G410
3000 G430 Series
3000 G430,  3000 G430-2000,  3000 G430-4152,  3000 G430-4153,  3000 G430A,  3000 G430L,  3000 G430M
3000 G450 Series
3000 G450
3000 G500 Series
3000 G500
3000 G510 Series
3000 G510,  3000 G510-4056,  3000 G510-4059
3000 G530 Series
3000 G530,  3000 G530-4446-38U
3000 G550 Series
3000 G550
3000 N500 Series
3000 N500
3000 Y300 Series
3000 Y300,  3000 Y300-7759
3000 Y310 Series
3000 Y310,  3000 Y310-7756
3000 Y310A Series
3000 Y310A,  3000 Y310A-7756
3000 Y330 Series
3000 Y330
3000 Y400 Series
3000 Y400,  3000 Y400-9454
3000 Y410A Series
3000 Y410A,  3000 Y410A-7757
3000 Y430 Series
3000 Y430
3000 Y500 Series
3000 Y500,  3000 Y500-7761
3000 Y510 Series
3000 Y510,  3000 Y510-7758
3000 Y510A Series
3000 Y510A,  3000 Y510A-15303
IdeaPad G430 Series
IdeaPad G430,  IdeaPad G430-20003
IdeaPad U110 Series
IdeaPad U110,  IdeaPad U110-23043BU,  IdeaPad U110-23043AU,  IdeaPad U110-2304-2AU,  IdeaPad U110-2304-2BU,  IdeaPad U110-2304-3AU,  
IdeaPad U110-2304-3BU,  IdeaPad U110-2304-4AU,  IdeaPad U110-2304-4BU
IdeaPad U330 Series
IdeaPad U330,  IdeaPad U330-2267-2DU,  IdeaPad U330-2267-2EU,  IdeaPad U330-2267-2BU,  IdeaPad U330-2267-3AU,  IdeaPad U330-2267-2AU,  
IdeaPad U330-2267-2FU,  IdeaPad U330-2267-2CU
IdeaPad U350 Series
IdeaPad U350,  IdeaPad U350-2963-25U,  IdeaPad U350-2963-26U,  IdeaPad U350-2963-27U,  IdeaPad U350-2963-23U
IdeaPad U450 Series
IdeaPad U450,  IdeaPad U450P
IdeaPad U550 Series
IdeaPad U550
IdeaPad Y350 Series
IdeaPad Y350,  IdeaPad Y350-4051,  IdeaPad Y350-2963-23U,  IdeaPad Y350-2963-25U,  IdeaPad Y350-2963-26U,  IdeaPad Y350-2963-27U
IdeaPad Y410 Series
IdeaPad Y410
IdeaPad Y430 Series
IdeaPad Y430,  IdeaPad Y430-2781-89U
IdeaPad Y450 Series
IdeaPad Y450,  IdeaPad Y450-418932U,  IdeaPad Y450-418935U,  IdeaPad Y450-418936U,  IdeaPad Y450-418938U,  IdeaPad Y450-418939U
IdeaPad Y510 Series
IdeaPad Y510,  IdeaPad Y510-7758-2DU,  IdeaPad Y510-7758-2EU,  IdeaPad Y510-7758-2FU,  IdeaPad Y510-7758-3DU,  IdeaPad Y510-7758-3EU,  
IdeaPad Y510-7758-3FU
IdeaPad Y530 Series
IdeaPad Y530,  IdeaPad Y530-20009,  IdeaPad Y530-4051-2XU,  IdeaPad Y530-4051-64U,  IdeaPad Y530-4051-2AU,  IdeaPad Y530-4051-2NU,  
IdeaPad Y530-4051-2BU,  IdeaPad Y530-4051-2PU,  IdeaPad Y530-4051-2YU,  IdeaPad Y530-4051-65U,  IdeaPad Y530-4051-66U,  IdeaPad Y530-4051-6DU, 
 IdeaPad Y530-4051-6GU,  IdeaPad Y530-4051-6CU,  IdeaPad Y530-4051-6EU
IdeaPad Y550 Series
IdeaPad Y550,  IdeaPad Y550-4186-4AU,  IdeaPad Y550-4186-42U,  IdeaPad Y550-418648U,  IdeaPad Y550-418646U,  IdeaPad Y550-418645U,  
IdeaPad Y550-418644U,  IdeaPad Y550-41864AU,  IdeaPad Y550-418642U,  IdeaPad Y550-4186-48U,  IdeaPad Y550-4186-46U,  IdeaPad Y550-4186-45U,  IdeaPad Y550-4186-44U
IdeaPad Y650 Series
IdeaPad Y650,  IdeaPad Y650-418534U,  IdeaPad Y650-418536U,  IdeaPad Y650-418537U,  IdeaPad Y650-4185-37U,  IdeaPad Y650-4185-34U
IdeaPad Y710 Series
IdeaPad Y710,  IdeaPad Y710-4054
IdeaPad Y730 Series
IdeaPad Y730,  IdeaPad Y730-4053
IdeaPad Y730A Series
IdeaPad Y730A
All Compatible Models May Not Be Listed.
With any more questions about compatibility or any other information, Please contact us first.
How to choose an right ac  ??
Determine the desired output specifications of the AC . This can usually be found on the old , the electronic device, or the instruction manual of the electronic device.
 There are two components to this: the voltage, measured in volts, and the current, usually measured in milliamps (MA or A). When selecting an 
, you will want to match these as closely as possible. 
Determine the connect size of the  plug. Plug connect sizes are normally measured in millimeters. If the plug connect size wrong with an , meaning that it can't plug 
on your laptop. 
How to maintain ac ??? 
Compared with other laptop components, laptop AC  is susceptible to get damaged because of wrong maintenance before being faulty and incorrect replacement after being damaged. 
Here I would like to show with you the right maintenance and replacement ways in the course of your utility of laptop ac . 
The major failure of AC  is the poor quality in some components, such as PCB layout, laptop power cord and so on. To avoid it, some details should be paid attention to in the
 process of maintenance. 
1. If the charger cannot be repaired on time, a compatible one can be used to replace it as long as the output voltage and current is similar. As there's a voltage stabilizing circuit 
in it, it is no use to worry out overvoltage or ultraviolet. 
2. Try to prevent the internal cable from disconnection when winding the laptop power cord. If the laptop cannot gain the power from the  Charger, install the laptop battery and check if it boots up properly. If so, there must be something wrong with the power cord or the , which can be located by a universal meter. 
3. Check if there's any problem with the capacitor, resistor or inductor, such as a bosomy bag on the surface. Under the circumstances, you'd better to replace it with a new one. 
Otherwise, it will cause a serious problem. 
4. It has happened that the  damage was a cause of computer motherboard burning. Although the condition of this kind is rare, it is dangerous if the internal voltage stabilizing circuit is out of order. 
5. Try to prevent the shell. Once it is broken down, it will occur to be the problems like the increasing electromagnetic radiation which affect the stability of the laptop. 
The information above is necessary to all the laptop users. If not maintained properly, failures or even accidents will happen. Therefore, it is best to carry it to a professional service company to repair
All Compatible Models May Not Be Listed.
? Please check your original 's OEM part number which is printed on your  label, laptop model number with our postings before the purchase to make sure you get the right power .
? Do not use the laptop AC power  in dusty, dirty, and hot areas. Its moving parts and electronic components can be damaged.
? Unplug laptop notebook 's AC power when not in use.
? Store laptop AC power  in cool and dry place.
Power Cord May Or May Not be Included...

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