Sale Lenovo 19V 6.15A 120W Adapter

Lenovo 19V 6.15A 120W Adapter

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- 100% Original Genuine OEM Lenovo 120W 36001552 AC Power Adapter.
- INPUT: 100-240V  50-60Hz (for worldwide use)
- OUTPUT:  19.5V 6.15A,  120W  (ref to the picture).
- Connector Size: 6.3*3.0MM (ref to the picture)
- Warranty: 12 months
- Status: Brand new original & genuine
- One Power cord is included with this adapter for FREE
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Part Numbers:
ADP-120ZB BC 36001552 41A9748 41A9747 N193 V85 
Compatible Models:
Lenovo 10110 57312695 C540 All-In-One Desktop PC 
Lenovo 120W 6.3*3.0MM All Series.
All Compatible Models May Not Be Listed.
With any more questions about compatibility or any other information, Please contact us first.
How to choose an right ac adapter ??
Determine the desired output specifications of the AC adapter. This can usually be found on the old adapter, the electronic device, or the instruction manual of the electronic device.
 There are two components to this: the voltage, measured in volts, and the current, usually measured in milliamps (MA or A). When selecting an adapter
Adapter, you will want to match these as closely as possible. 
Determine the connect size of the adapter plug. Plug connect sizes are normally measured in millimeters. If the plug connect size wrong with an adapter, meaning that it can't plug 
on your laptop. 
How to maintain ac adapter??? 
Compared with other laptop components, laptop AC adapter is susceptible to get damaged because of wrong maintenance before being faulty and incorrect replacement after being damaged. 
Here I would like to show with you the right maintenance and replacement ways in the course of your utility of laptop ac adapter. 
The major failure of AC adapter is the poor quality in some components, such as PCB layout, laptop power cord and so on. To avoid it, some details should be paid attention to in the
 process of maintenance. 
1. If the charger cannot be repaired on time, a compatible one can be used to replace it as long as the output voltage and current is similar. As there's a voltage stabilizing circuit 
in it, it is no use to worry out overvoltage or ultraviolet. 
2. Try to prevent the internal cable from disconnection when winding the laptop power cord. If the laptop cannot gain the power from the Lenovo Charger, install the laptop battery and check if it boots up properly. If so, there must be something wrong with the power cord or the adapter, which can be located by a universal meter. 
3. Check if there's any problem with the capacitor, resistor or inductor, such as a bosomy bag on the surface. Under the circumstances, you'd better to replace it with a new one. 
Otherwise, it will cause a serious problem. 
4. It has happened that the adapter damage was a cause of computer motherboard burning. Although the condition of this kind is rare, it is dangerous if the internal voltage stabilizing circuit is out of order. 
5. Try to prevent the shell. Once it is broken down, it will occur to be the problems like the increasing electromagnetic radiation which affect the stability of the laptop. 
The information above is necessary to all the laptop users. If not maintained properly, failures or even accidents will happen. Therefore, it is best to carry it to a professional service company to repair
All Compatible Models May Not Be Listed.
  • Please check your original adapter's OEM part number which is printed on your adapter label, laptop model number with our postings before the purchase to make sure you get the right power adapter.
  • Do not use the laptop AC power adapter in dusty, dirty, and hot areas. Its moving parts and electronic components can be damaged.
  • Unplug laptop notebook adapter's AC power when not in use.
  • Store laptop AC power adapter in cool and dry place.
Power Cord May Or May Not be Included...

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